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PTF BPI 2010 Proceedings [pdf]

Conference Program  

October 7th

08:00 - 09:00 Registration and Welcome

09:00 - 10:30 Plenary Session I: Innovation in Industry

Doris Walter, Alexander Petutschnigg
Welcoming & Organizational Issues

Hans Scharfetter
Federal Government of Salzburg

Laszlo Döry
President of the European Panel Federation

Biorefineries for Eco-efficient Processing of Biomass – Classification and Assessment of Biorefinery Systems in IEA Bio-energy Task 42 “Biorefineries”
Johanna Pucker

11:00 - 12:30 Concurent Sessions:
1A: Wood processing technologies and strategies

Saving Resources by Advanced Vision-Based Automatic Patching of Wood Based Panels
Robert Massen

Superior Processing of Small Diameter Hardwood
Hermann Huber

Increase of Material Yield in Plywood Production with New Veneer Processing Technologies
Burkhard Plinke

1B: Process modeling technologies

Real-time Process Modeling of Wood Composites Panels
Nicolas Andre

On-Line Determination of Material Properties in Laminates Manufacture by NIR Spectroscopy
Andreas Kandelbauer

Speed Otimization of CT-Based Microstructure Determination using Matrix Decomposition
Simon Bernd Kranzer

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch

13:30 - 15:00 Concurent Sessions:
2A: Wood modification processes

The Influence of Heat Treatment on the Set Recovery of Compressive Deformation
Andreja Kutnar

LbL Treatment of Wood Surfaces to Improve Bondline Performance
Csilla Mária Csiha

Impact of Heat Treatment on the Wettability of Wood
Milan Sernek

2B: New Adhesive Technologies

Use of Valuable By-Products from Leather Production for New Applications
Stefanie Wieland

AsWoodTM Adhesive Systems for Furniture and Flooring Applications
Astrid Pedersen

Comparison of Formaldehyde Emission Potentials for Binders and Additives
Florian Dorner

15:30 - 17:00 Concurent Sessions:
3A: Glued laminated lumber and components

Branch Wood, from Secondary Wood Resource to Value Added Eco-Products
Lidia Gurau

Wood I-Joists Made of Corrugated Veneer Web Panels
Levente Denes

Gluing of European Hardwoods for Load Bearing Timber Structures
Michael Schmidt

3B: Characterization of wood-based panels

Advances in the NMR Based Characterization of Wood and Wood Products
Gerhard Zuckerstätter

3D Microstructure Characterization of Wood Based Panels
Gernot Standfest

Tangential Penetration of Urea-Formaldehyde Adhesive Resins into Beech (Fagus Moesiaca) and Fir (Abies Alba, Mill.)
Ivana Gavrilović-Grmuša

17:00 - 18:30

1. Assessing the Particle Structure of Wood Based Panels through Mode 1 Fracture Testing (3B)
Jörn Bernhard Rathke, Jürgen Follrich, Michael Harm, Martin Weigl, Ulrich Müller

2. Quality Control of Impregnated Films with a Multiple Regression Model (1B)
Philipp Oberkirchner, Alexander Petutschnigg

3. Post Industrial Wooden Raw Material as Natural Fiber base for Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) based on PVC and PP Matrix Material (4B)
Peter Hausberger, Sven Wolf, Mihaly Szakaci

4. Enhancing Southern Pine Plantation Timber Value Yields via Integration of Lumber Production Systems (1A)
Honorio F. Carino, Catalino A. Blanche

5. Tannin Based Foams and ist Derived Carbon Foams (1A)
Gianluca Tondi, Antonio Pizzi, Alain Celzard

6. Determination of some Influencing Parameters in the Rotational Wood Dowel Friction Welding Process for Handcrafted Solid Wood Furniture (2B)
Anton Trainotti, Stefanie Wieland, Gianluca Tondi

7. Thermal Modification of Particles and Particle Board for Dimensional Stable Product (2A)
Sergej Medved

8. Estimation of Firewood Usage in Kosovo – Perspectives for Future Development (4A)
Agron Bajraktari, Bujar Pira, Alexander Petutschnigg, Michael Ebner

9. A Simple Model to Predict Bond Strength Development during the Hot-Pressing of Particle Board (2B)
Jorge Manuel Martins, João Pereira, Luisa Hora de Carvalho, Carlos Costa

10. Characterization of Reinforced Adhesives for Particle Boards (3B)
Claudia Pretschuh, Uwe Müller, Clemens Schwarzinger, Ulf Panzer

11. Use of Lupin Proteins as Bio-Based Product (2B)
Emilio Vergara, Mario Núñez, Aldo Ballerini, Marcia Vidal, Esteban Ramirez, Nazmy Reyes, Mohamed Dahrouch

12. Automated Grading, Upgrading and Cuttings Prediction of Surfaced Dry Hardwood Lumber (1A)
Philip Arthur Araman, S. M. Lee, A. L. Abbott, M. F. Winn

13. Effect of Recycled Wood and Alternative Species on Particle Board Machining (1B)
Luisa Maria Carvalho, Nuno Garrido, Jorge Martins, Joaquim Mendes, Carlos Costa, João Pereira

14. Improving with Reinforcement the Deflection of Shelves Made of Particle Board and MDF (3B)
Vassil Jivkov, Yordan Yordanov, Assia Marinova

15. U.S. Wood Pallet Material Use Trends (1A)
Philip Arthur Araman, R. J. Bush, E. B. Hager

Organizational Issues, Domestic Details

20:00 - 22:00 Cocktail, Dinner Banquet

October 8th

09:00 - 10:30 Plenary Session II

Wood for Good - Serving the Needs of Industry
Reinhard Lackner

IUFRO - Highlights of Organisation
Marius C. Barbu

Innovative Production of Wood Based Lightweight Panels
Marius C. Barbu

Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Wood Behaviour and Processing, COST Action FP0904
Parviz Navi

11:00 - 12:30 Concurent Sessions:
4A: Integrated bioenergy 

Characterization and Potential Recycling of Home Building Wood Waste
Philip Arthur Araman

Extraction of Nutrients from Biomass Ashes with Varying Extraction Times
Michaela Kröppl

Bio-Ethanol Potential from Lignocelluloses
Alexander G. Jäger

4B: WPC – Processes

Markets, Applications and Processes for Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) in Europe
Andreas Haider

Effect of Finishing and Sizing Agents on the Mechanical Performance of Wheat and Flax Pulp Fibre-PP-Composites
Eva Sykacek

Post Industrial Wooden Raw Material as Natural Fiber Base for Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) Based on PVC and PP Matrix Material
Sven Wolf

12:45 – 13:00 Organizational Issues, Closing


Conference fee:

Normal registrant (June 01, 2010 - September 30, 2010)
Regular € 250,--
Student € 220,--

Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH
Campus Kuchl
Urstein Süd 1, A-5412 Puch/Salzburg